You might have seen it, those business accounts that have some boards highlighted on their main profile page. And you may have wondered how to do this. I tell you, I searched high and low and couldn’t find the answer. I looked for myself in my account area many times and somehow overlooked the area more than once. They don’t make it easy to notice with how busy the account page is. But I found it and am sharing how in the quick video below.

If you’d like an even quicker how-to than watching the video you can follow these steps.

Step one: log into your Pinterest profile

Step two: hover over your little profile picture over in the upper right-hand side of the site, which will open up options for you to choose. click on the settings link.

Step three: scroll down the page, stopping right under the area where you can update your picture, username, and about section.

Step four: click the edit button next to the showcase.

Step six: click the drop-down box next to each slot, choosing the boards you want to highlight, and hit save. Easy as that!

Want to watch me in real-time? Click the video below to watch me go through the process.